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We're proud to partner with a diverse group of New York-based organizations, including:

Test Preparation and Tutoring

Princeton Review is the go-to service provider for online homework help, test prep and admissions help, including in-person courses and individual tutoring for the SHSAT. Sign up here for a free practice SHSAT for students or a NYC high school admissions strategy session for parents

TestPrepSHSAT.com is one of the most comprehensive online prep courses for the SHSAT & TJHSST exams, including timed practice exams, topic-based classroom tutorials, focused practice drills, and a Q&A forum. In partnership with us, TestPrepSHSAT.com is now offering a free subscription--learn more here.

Breakthrough New York transforms the lives of talented kids from low-income backgrounds by providing educational support from middle school through college.  Check out their website to learn more and apply. 

Kaplan Test Prep offers preparation for more than 90 standardized tests, including entrance exams for secondary school, college and graduate school, as well as the SHSAT. Check out their SHSAT prep courses and tutoring, and free upcoming practice tests. 

School Plus offers a Weekend Enrichment Program for K-12th students with an alternative, refreshing perspectives on school subjects (Math, Science, Programming, English, Russian, History and Geography, Arts, and Chess). Check out their comprehensive SHSAT program (weekly classes from September of 7th grade to October of 8th grade) and practice exams.

Founded by a Brooklyn Tech grad, Admission Squad is a team of super star high school graduates and test prep experts that help students prepare for multiple public high school entrance exams (SHSAT, Bard & NEST+M, etc.), mentor them in interviewing and other professional skills, and guide parents through the application process(es). 6th, 7th and 8th graders can apply to participate in the program here.

Bee Tutored offers a range of options for SHSAT prep, including a course on Saturdays on the Upper West Side, a fall intensive and bootcamp at their Brooklyn location, as well as tailored group classes for your school or organization. Learn more and register here.

CAS Prep’s Test Prep Program focuses on preparing 7th and rising 8th grade students for the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) and their Enrichment Program focuses on elevating the educational performance of 3rd through 6th graders. Check out their upcoming classes here. 

Kweller Prep offers Advanced Test Preparation in Small Group Settings for Students in Grades 3-12. Kweller Prep specializes in competitive middle, high school, and college entrance exam preparation.  Class sizes are limited to 10 students max. Learn more about and register for upcoming classes here. 

RQM Tutorial provides low cost, high quality tutoring, focusing on students in Queens. Their SHSAT tutoring is individualized for each student, with one on one instruction, free online videos, and additional support all with a money back guarantee. Students in Queens can sign up here for tutoring at their Astoria or Jamaica-based offices

Highway to High School strives to bridge the admissions gap at New York City's most selective public high schools by providing highly motivated students of color with professional-grade mentoring and SHSAT tutoring. Highway to High School is and always will be a free program. Get in touch here. 

Gooroo is an innovative new company that connects tutors with students via a mobile app. They have a broad network of tutors who are experienced in teaching a wide range of subjects including the SHSAT and the Hunter entrance exam. Through a program called Gooroo Gives Back they offer free tutoring and college guidance to underserved kids in NYC. Check out their website to download the app.

Apex for Youth delivers possibilities to underserved Asian and immigrant youth from low-­income families in NYC.  Apex provides mentoring and educational programs that serve students from 1st to 12th grade.  Check out their website to learn more.

The Parris Foundation: S.T.E.M.ulating Minds equips disenfranchised students with the tools needed to pursue STEM disciplines, academically and professionally.  The Parris Foundation's access programs provide extended learning opportunities to supplement and enhance in-school learning.  Learn more here. 

Khan's Tutorial is a NYC-based tutoring academy providing test prep and tutoring services to families for affordable prices, with 10 locations across Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn. Currently, 10% of Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech students are former KT students! Learn more and sign up here.

The Exam Schools Partnership Initiative (ESPI) provides mentoring, academic enrichment and high quality, intensive test preparation to low-income students in New York City. Apply for upcoming programs here.

Bell Curves is a socially responsible test preparation and educational services company in NYC, helping students in underserved and disadvantaged communities prepare for high school, college and graduate school admissions exams. Check out their SHSAT courses and tutoring options here.

Manhattan Prep is a tutoring center focused on the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT & ACT that prides itself on having top-tier instructors with 99th percentile teaching scores and substantial teaching experience. Learn more. 

Brooklyn Heights Test Prep offers a strategic approach to test prep that focuses on identifying and targeting students' test weaknesses. They offer mock tests, detailed score reports, and small group prep.


DREAMchasers is a mentoring program launching soon. Stay tuned for more details!


After School Programs and Activities

Citizen Schools partners with middle schools to expand the learning day for children in low-income communities. They work with AmeriCorps educators and volunteer “Citizen Teachers” to teach real-world learning projects to help all students discover and achieve their dreams. For more information, please visit their website. 

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics runs a free 3 week summer program in July for 7th graders, as well as algebra support for 8th graders and high school tutoring. If you're a student or parent interested in STEM careers, learn more here.

STEM Kids NYC is a non-profit that provides a year-round, intensive suite of STEM education programs for K-12 scholars. The program builds skills to qualify students for future opportunities that will make them employable and reduce their risk of becoming impoverished, going to jail, or being shut out of the future jobs market. Students and parents interested in after school and summer STEM programs can learn more here.  

Harlem Grown is inspiring youth to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition. They operate local urban farms, educate Harlem residents on healthy food, and provide garden-based development programs for Harlem youth. Get involved to inspire healthy habits here.

Make a Play is a basketball program that provides sports-based programming for youth to achieve their maximum potential both on and off the court. From beginner to advanced levels, MAP can help improve your offensive game, with skills training and conditioning for boys and girls. Sign up for the next skill building clinic here.

The Fresh Air Fund provides free summer vacations in the country to New York City children from low-income communities. Since 1887, 1.8 million kids have had unforgettable summer experiences. Find out more here and get ready for the summer of a lifetime.

Greenhouse Arts Center is an arts community center in Harlem where creativity thrives and the arts are a vehicle for the community to grow together! They offer dance, music, and theater classes--to inspire young people, empower and equip families, and meet needs in the local community. Learn more and sign up for a class here.

Mindful Harlem is a community center that serves as a hub for all residents and guests interested in mindfulness and meditation. Participants are guided towards a recognition and compassion for their own inner and collective wisdom and resources including the unique art, music and history of this beautiful, diverse and colorful community.  Check out their upcoming classes and meditations.


The World of Money is a New York City leading provider of immersive financial education for youth, ages 7 – 18. From business communication to online trading, excel, insurance and more - their curriculum covers it all in a three week, intensive summer training. They also run a business plan competition, parent forums and workshops throughout the year. Find out more here and start your path toward a better financial future

FC Harlem is a community-based soccer team, providing opportunities for youth to develop leadership and teamwork skills in the context of competitive sports.  Since 2006, FC Harlem has served more than 7,000 youth.  Find out more about their programs and team here.

Educated Running is an online and private coaching service dedicated to making you a smarter runner. Since runners all have different needs, abilities, and goals, there is no single perfect plan that works for all. Student runners (and fans of Pokemon Go) are welcome to reach out to get training advice!

Plobot is a programmable robot for children to develop logical thinking. Young learners use "smart cards" that represent the same coding blocks that engineers use when developing software. Plobot is currently in prototype phase and will be available widely soon. In the meantime, you can learn more here. 

Travel Unity works to increase diversity in the world of travel. Last year, they collaborated with Citizen Schools on a 10-week apprenticeship program for Harlem 6th graders, focusing on careers in travel and hospitality. Learn more about their upcoming events here.

MoxieReader is a blended literacy program for school and home digitizing and personalizing independent reading to help students to read more. Throughout the school year, MoxieReader builds an organized, digital history of each student's reading and community, accessible by teacher, student and parent. Get 40% off with code moxie40 during checkout here!

The Street Academy for Financial Literacy is a nonprofit focused on teaching financial literacy. They offer a workshop designed for teens embarking on summer employment called My First Check. Learn more on their facebook page here


BlacPac is a web-based application designed to close the information gap that exists for Black students who want to go to college. BlacPac's ultimate mission is to improve Black student retention in higher education so that their communities see the benefit of their skills and experiences. Stay tuned for more information soon!


Resources for Parents

Insideschools is a non-profit coalition of journalists, public school parents, and public school advocates that provides authoritative independent information about New York City's public schools, as well as an active parent forum. Parents looking for more information on public elementary, middle and high schools should start here.

Community Education Council District 5 is an education policy advisory body representing central Harlem public schools. CEC5's mission, in partnership with the community, is to provide support and empower parents to become active leaders and participants in their children’s education. Parents and community members in District 5 are welcome to join their open meetings--get in touch here.

Let's Talk Schools is a parent-run organization that provides real parent reviews of NYC schools and additional information to help families successfully navigate the complicated educational marketplace. Check out their upcoming events and sign up to participate in the online community here

NYC School Secrets reveals everything the Department of Education doesn't want you to know, because all parents deserve to know all their school options and how to get them.  Check out their books and podcasts here.


FAMin’s mission is to give families the power to stay connected and to share resources. They are launching soon with a communication platform to make child support payments easier. Stay tuned!


Community Groups

Harlem Renaissance education pipeline

The Harlem Renaissance Education Pipeline (HREP) is a cross sector of organizations and businesses collectively developing and implementing a shared vision focused on improving student outcomes in Central Harlem.  Learn more about HREP's goals here.

The Voice of Youth Changes Everything (V.O.Y.C.E) is a community organization founded in 2013 dedicated to providing opportunities to positively impact kids' lives and communities. V.O.Y.C.E.'s 5 Founding Pillars of Youth Empowerment are Education, Arts, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Politics. Check out their upcoming events and workshops.

The Stuyvesant High School Student Union (StuySU)  serves to improve student life with respect to education, extra- and co-curricular activities, and other areas of school life. The Student Union is composed of elected and appointed students, who wish to better the Stuyvesant community.  Learn more here. 

BXSci Logo New.jpg

The Bronx High School of Science Student Organization brings students together and allows them to voice their opinions and to influence administrative decisions made at the school. The Coordinator of Student Affairs (COSA), the S.O. President, the Vice-President, and the Secretary head the Student Organization. Learn more here. 

The Real Estate Board of New York unites more than 17,000 talented, influential real estate professionals as it works to protect, improve and advance the business of real estate in New York City. REBNY is committed to helping secure space for education and investing in the city's next generation of leaders.

The New Harlem East Merchants Association (NHEMA) is a collaboration of business owners, property owners, residents, workers and community members along the east side of 125th Street who work together to enrich the area. NHEMA programs have picked up garbage, beautified the streets, brought healthy food and exercise to the neighborhood, and provided employment to homeless people. Learn more and get involved here.

The Harlem Commonwealth Council is a 501(c)(3) economic development corporation focused on positive socio-economic change for Harlem and beyond. Their mission is to stimulate economic development in Harlem and surrounding communities through the creation and support of business enterprises, the generation and retention of jobs, and the education of residents. Learn more here

Hire Harlem promotes businesses that hire locally, give back to the community or are owned by women or people of color. By creating a searchable database and a map of these businesses,  Hire Harlem equips consumers with the information they need to shop consciously. You can find a map of restaurants, products, activities, fitness, music and more here


JCC Harlem is a brand new 6,000 square foot space that seeks to create a hub of Jewish life for Harlem's growing and vibrant Jewish community, hosting holiday celebrations as well as weekly, monthly, and one-time programming for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Get involved with their upcoming programs.

Access Mindfulness is a non-profit with a mission of making the practice of mindfulness accessible to the whole NYC learning community--students, teachers, school staff, and parents. Check out their website to learn more about mindfulness opportunities. 


BALLSTAR's  mission is to organize the world’s basketball information and provide the global basketball community a platform for exchange.