Our scholars come first.

We believe that every aspiring scholar deserves access to the best educational opportunities in New York City. On our path to fostering opportunity for talented underserved students, we put the needs of our scholars above all else. 

We are made better through teamwork.

As a volunteer-led organization, we are only as good as our team. We go to great lengths to involve the most impassioned and motivated volunteers—New Yorkers passionate about education. We recognize that the success of our mission depends on the empowerment and support of our communities, students, parents, schools and teachers.

We prioritize fostering opportunities.

In pursuing our mission to increase the diversity of SHSAT test takers, we aim to shine a spotlight on and better serve communities and neighborhoods traditionally left in the dark. Along our path, we will direct resources toward talented underserved students, creating new paths to progress regardless of SHSAT performance.

We encourage creativity and embrace change.

We are committed to progress, not process, so new paths forward are always welcome. We strive to enable our volunteers to pursue their interests, to facilitate the application of their imaginations.

We are data driven.

We are dedicated to deploying our resources efficiently and uncovering novel methods for measuring and tracking student performance—to help us achieve our mission and better serve the scholars of New York City.

We are nonpartisan.

Our mission is to improve access to education, not to advance a political agenda.