The next SHSAT registration deadline is October 13th. 


Taking the SHSAT is the only way for students to be considered by New York City’s specialized high schools, which are some of the best schools in the country.

To assist families, the Department of Education releases the Specialized High Schools Student Handbook (Student Handbook) each year. The Student Handbook provides useful information, such as: 

  • Admission procedures 
  • Calendar of important dates
  • Test-taking tips 
  • Testing accommodations 
  • Sample SHSAT tests with explanations of correct answers

To make registering for the SHSAT even easier, we did what most elite high schoolers do... make a study guide for the Student Handbook!

Our study guide highlights the most crucial information from the 115 page handbook as a one-pager, and is intended to be used alongside the handbook.  Available in both English and Spanish:

We highly recommend you use the Study Guide and the SHS Student Handbook to help you participate in specialized high school admissions process. 

Family involvement is essential to encourage students to keep their high school options open, and to take advantage of every opportunity that is available to them.  The SHSAT gives students additional options to consider if they attain a high score.  Even if they do not score well, taking the exam is excellent practice for the PSATs, SATs, and the other standardized tests they will take.